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Consignment items Selling

When you decide to sell your items to a consignment store, you must beware of a few things before moving forward. Consignment stores can’t accept everything, so follow these tips before taking your items to the store.

Designer Label

Most consignment stores are committed to providing you with top quality clothing items and home furnishings. So, they only accept higher-end types of clothing and accessories, as they want to give you the best options for high-quality apparel at affordable prices. J Crew, Free People, and Michael Kors are some of the labels they often look for.

Items in Like-new Condition

The items you are sending to a consignment store must be in good condition. They should be good enough to wear right out of the store or immediately use to accent your home. Consignment stores are always on the lookout to find great deals on current fashion styles and décor pieces. So, they won’t accept items that have any odors, stains, missing buttons, or broken zippers.

Cloths Must Be Freshly Washed

Clean cloths get sold faster! So, get your clothing items freshly washed before bringing in for consignment.

Clean and Neat

Do you buy wrinkly clothes? Absolutely not! Before consignment, make sure that your clothing items are neatly pressed and look brand new. Clothes, accessories, and home furnishings are more likely to sell if they are well presented and look neat.

Once you send your items for consignment, they are inspected by the store employees again to ensure that they are giving customers the best items to purchase. If there are any damages that are overlooked, they will sell the item at a discounted price or donate the item to charity.

So, follow the above instructions diligently to assess and prepare your items. This will help you successfully consign your clothes, get them sold faster, and put money in your pocket.