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Hey fellow fashionistas!

Since its summer, its quite fitting to talk about sunglasses! To protect our eyes and look stylish one must wear appropriate frames that complement our face shape. There are 4 face shapes, heart, oval, round and square.

Heart: Heart shaped faces feature a wide forehead and smaller chin, almost resembling a heart, hence the name. Best frame styles include: retro square, cat eye, rimless and aviators.

Oval: This face shape is pretty obvious but my goodness, what a lucky girl you are because you can essentially wear any style of sunglasses. Just make sure to choose something that does not work against you,

Round: Round faces feature wide forehead, full cheeks and round chins. Anything angular will work with this shape (cat eye, retro square, aviators), because it balances out the roundness of your face. Make sure you stay away from round frames which can extenuate your face shape.

Square: square faces have strong jaw lines, square chin and broad foreheads so the best styles are round, aviators, shield and butterfly frames. These styles soften a strong face shape, so keep away from boxy specs.